Benefits of Leaflets for Marketing Purposes

by | Apr 14, 2022

As we have come into the digital age of marketing, many have shunned leaflets as an outdated method of advertising to your potential audience. But when they are done correctly, leaflets can provide a visually pleasing and informative way to communicate with consumers. Print is also seeing a resurgence as businesses look to fall back on traditional ways of marketing to appeal to particular demographics. With this in mind, we compiled a range of benefits for you to explore as it relates to the production of leaflets for marketing purposes.

Cost effective

First and foremost, there is very little cost involved in posting leaflets, aside from the hourly manpower costs. Since leaflets are cheaper to produce than investment in a digital marketing strategy, they present a better and more cost-effective alternative. As well as this, trying to get noticed through digital means can mean substantial investment in paid advertisement that is going to cost you far more than using your resources to invest in leaflet production and distribution.

Leaflets can be designed cost-free on a computer and then printed by offset or digital methods. These printing methods in particular are not very expensive, especially if you want to be printing high quantities of leaflets. Digital and offset printing also allows you to produce crisp, sharp imagery and content.

Packed with information

With digital marketing you can often be burdened by word count or character limit restrictions, but no such things occur when it comes to leaflet production. Leaflets can be filled with as much information as you want in a nice, organised layout. Information about your product or business can be included, as well as things like images, logo, contact information etc.

Only include the necessary information you need to convey and make sure to strike a fine balance between imagery and text.

Aesthetically pleasing

A leaflet ideally needs to grab the attention of whoever the target audience is. Unlike paid ads, leaflets can be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with a range of design styles and layouts to choose from alongside colour schemes. This flexibility makes leaflet production such a strong choice for marketing, as you can customise your leaflets to your own preferences.

 Easily readable

The best part of leaflets is the easy-to-read nature of the information provided. The text is designed and laid out in a way that makes it attractive and comfortable for the reader to digest. Digital marketing ads can often be intrusive and annoying for certain customers, while leaflets are softer and easier to handle.

Demographic targeting

Distributing leaflets allows you to post leaflets to whichever demographic you think is most appropriate for your business. Digital ads tend to not have the ability to have such specificity, and so suffer as a result. Leaflet distribution represents a strong and cost-effective way of targeting local demographics that are more likely to show interest in your business. In this way you can distribute leaflets in certain areas that have a greater percentage of your desired target market in them. For example, if you had a luxury product that required posting to high income areas, leaflet distribution would be a great way for you to achieve this and build a firm foundation of customers.

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken