5 Creative Ways to Attract New Customers

by | Jun 8, 2021

One of the main objectives of a small business owner is to attract new customers. For larger businesses where budget isn’t an issue, this can be far less of a challenge. It’s much more straightforward when you have a large advertising budget and pre-existing brand awareness.

However, when you are a small business, one who not many people may have heard of, attracting new customers is a bigger challenge. You need to be more creative with your resources and ensure your efforts are highly targeted, to ensure you get the right customers ‘through the door’ (those that are likely to buy).

Here is our list of 5 creative ways you can attract new customers for your business.


  1. Utilise FREE resources like Social Media

Creating a social media account is free, spending time posting is free (relatively) but yet not enough small businesses use it effectively.

If you have a Facebook business page for example but you are not posting regularly, haven’t provided up to date contact information or access to your website, it’s highly unlikely to be bringing you in new customers.

When 97% of adults (aged 16-64) log into at least social network per month, if you are not present on these channels then you are missing out on potential sales.

The best way to utilise social media is to provide your customers (new and existing) a platform to engage with your business. Give out helpful answers to questions they may have about your business/ product, allow them to see ‘behind the scenes’ and get to know what makes you unique. For example, your values and ethics.

People buy from people so; it is hugely important you have a personal touch when posting on social media.


  1. Offer Deals and Promotions

Now, we understand there is a fine balance with this one, you don’t want to sell a product at a loss or risk losing out on profits by constantly ‘giving away’ stock or services.

Yet, there is an enticement for people to commit to a purchase when they believe they are saving money. This can be the difference between someone viewing your shop and deciding to go elsewhere or making the purchase with you.

You can also use social media to offer a promotion through a competition as it’s free for people to ‘enter’ and you get tons of free publicity for the cost of one item.

Discounts can encourage a customer to buy from you as it reduces their ‘risk’, especially if they haven’t heard of you before or if you’re a relatively new company without many reviews.


  1. Leverage Existing Customers

People who have already bought from you can be your biggest advocates. Be sure to leverage satisfied customers by asking for referrals and reviews to publicise on your social media and website.

You can also rely on extremely happy customers to promote your business of their own accord, which is why it is very important to ensure every customer experience is an excellent one.

Offering a discount for customer referrals is another great way to secure a new customer, simply give a customer a % off voucher for them and a friend.


  1. Content Marketing

Your own website is a fantastic marketing tool if updated regularly. Publishing content is a great way to keep everything current, this includes blog posts, guides, videos etc.

This keeps your business relevant and gives your customer useful information in engaging ways. It presents you as the expert in your industry and builds trust for your customers.


  1. Host an Event.

This is a great option for those with a shop or restaurant, particularly so when you are first opening or celebrating something special like a year anniversary.

You can choose to host your own promotional event when you offer exclusive invites to customers where they will receive free goodies or perhaps will be the first to try your brand-new menu.

Alternatively, you could advertise the space as available for other people to hire, maybe even offer a limited discount for local businesses to increase awareness amongst the local community.

If you don’t have your own premises, you could look at co-hosting an event with another local business, or sponsor and event that is happening nearby.

Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken