6 Ways to Promote your Small Business Effectively.

by | Dec 11, 2020

When your busy running your business sometimes the last thing on your mind is promotion and advertising.


This task can also seem complicated and confusing. Especially if you’ve never done it before and you’re not sure where to start. One common myth is that promotion has to be expensive for it to be effective. Knowing how to promote your business properly and within budget, will give you more opportunity to grow, improve your brand awareness and earn you more revenue.

To help you on your way to raising your businesses profile, we have put together 6 ways for you to promote your small business.



If you don’t have a website, you should. Having your business online is a sure-fire way to boost your audience. It gives your business credibility and helps potential customer authenticate who you are. Depending on your type of business, having a website can help generate leads through enquiries, sell your product with an online shop as well as provide useful information for your clients. Whether you choose an online company such as Wix or Godaddy, or an agency, be sure the design is optimised for desktop and mobile.

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Start a Blog

Once you have your website up and running, it’s a good idea to start blogging. You can do this yourself or hire an agency or copywriter to do it for you. A blog is a great way to further inform your customers, providing advice and helpful tips. It also increases your chances of being found by search engines and therefore your potential customers.

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Social Media

In today’s digital era, it’s crucial for businesses to be on social media. You may not have to be on every platform, but it’s key to identify the ones your customers are most likely to be active. Another great way to boost your profile on social media is social media ads. These are a great way to target your specific audience and get your content in front of the very people who are likely to buy your product or services. There is quite a variety to choose from so if you have the budget, it may be worth recruiting an agency to manage this for you.

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Using email is a great way to talk directly to your subscribers. To create a subscriber list, add a call to action on your website for people to sign up. You can also add existing customers to this but be sure the option to unsubscribe is clear and your up to date with the latest GDPR rules.

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Printed Ads

Placing your business in front of local customers has never been easier. With local directories and magazines, dropped directly into people’s letterboxes is a great way to reach customers directly. This is especially true if a large amount of your target audience may not be online or are likely to prefer printed media.

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Sponsorship is a great way to help your local community, be a part of a great cause and raise the profile of your business. You can choose to sponsor a child or adults’ sports team, an event or perhaps even provide prizes for a charity raffle. The cost of sponsorship does vary but in many cases are just a one-off payment.

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken