8 Surprising Stats About Print Advertising!

by | Jul 15, 2016

Print advertising may not be as sexy and exciting as advertising via new media and television, but does that mean it is less successful?

Here are 8 stats taken from the 2015 Magazine Media Factbook which may surprise you:

1.    95% of adults under 25 read print magazines.  Despite the stereotypes, it is not all about smart phones and tablets with young adults – they read magazines too.

2.    Magazine ads reach more people than television.  An American survey showed that advertising in 25 print magazines was viewed by more adults than advertising during 25 prime time TV shows.

3.    Magazine readers comprise a diverse group.  Print advertising will reach virtually every type of community in the UK.

4.    Magazine readership grows over time.  Views of magazine adverts increases during the weeks after publication.  The magazine will be shared amongst friends and work colleagues and may eventually make its way to a doctor or dentist waiting room.  TV advertising is seen only when the programme is viewed.

5.    Magazine readers are affluent.  The group with the most magazine readers is that of the highest earners.  They have more disposable income to hopefully spend on your products.

6.    Print advertising does the best job.  It is acknowledged that print advertising delivers better brand favourability than advertising on the internet or television.

7.    61% of readers act after seeing an ad in print.  These actions include going online for more information, phoning the company concerned and going to the shops to make a purchase.

8.    Magazines make people feel better.  They generate more positive emotions than other media.  If people are happy when reading about your brand they are more likely to be receptive to the advertising message.

Print advertising is dead?  The stats say differently!

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken