Advertising in January – why it’s wise!

by | Dec 15, 2021

January is a unique month in every year!  Why?  Well, because after the festive celebrations of Christmas, most people turn their sights onto the New Year and start thinking about what they want to achieve in the year ahead. Here, we explain why it’s wise to start advertising in January.

Usually, New Year’s planning revolves around 3 main areas in people’s lives – health, wealth and happiness.  Whatever our goals, they will most certainly will involve trying to make some improvement or enhancement in their life.

Why it’s wise to ramp up your advertising in January

Increased motivation to buy

The New Year is also a unique month because this is when the majority of people are highly motivated to make changes.  They’re ready for it, want it and are motivated enough to implement their initial New Year plans.

This is where businesses could and should be honing in on this unique month to start advertising their products or services to take full advantage of highly motivated potential customers.

Increased motivation translates into increase demand for products and services.  For instance, if a New Years’ resolution is to start running regularly, then a new pair of trainers would be in mind.  A resolution to learn a new language would see potential customers searching online for a language course.

The possibilities are endless, and with a bit of thought, you could drill down into your target market and uncover what they’re really interested in and are motivated to change in the forthcoming year.

The demand is there in January, so why not let your customers know about your products or service?  Advertising is January is very lucrative!

Increased demand for ‘New Season’ products

The New Year is often a sign that we’re heading for better weather in a few months’ time.  The shortest day is well gone and we look forward to Spring.  People expect to see discounts and sales in the shops in the New Year and they’re motivated to purchase.

The New Year very often means ‘new’ right across the board – New Season, New You, New Habits, New Home, New Job.  It’s seen as a ‘fresh start’ for many.  So, businesses can take advantage of this by offering bargains, discounts or special offers at this time of year.

January tends to establish trends for the entire year. This is the time of “Top 10” lists, predictions and recommendations. Consider making a statement of your ‘Top 10’ products that align with peoples wants, and you’ve got yourself a great marketing campaign!

Motivated individuals + demand for product + new start = more sales!

Advertising in January – Start as we mean to go on

As mentioned earlier, the New Year is the only time that pretty much the entire population is motivated to make changes in their lives.  We want to start off the New Year with a positive mind set.

Making changes can also bring about new trends.  People follow trends, so if there’s a new gadget on the market that they can see rave reviews about, they’ll be motivated to purchase it early in the New Year.

The age-old adage that ‘Birds of a feather stick together’ is especially true when it comes to people with the same interests or hobbies.  Take for instance, the FitBit phenomenon about 10 years ago.  It was a brand new product but gained huge traction and ultimately sales when it was launched, because they targeted people that were highly motivated to get fitter!


We hope you can see that January is THE best month to start your advertising campaign.  No other month in the calendar year will see as many motivated and energised people demanding the products that will help them achieve their New Year goals and objectives!  That’s why it’s wise to ramp up your advertising in January!

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken