Big Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by | Jun 29, 2015

Every business, no matter how small, needs to advertise to attract new business. However, you don’t need to employ a marketing department to come up with ideas for you. Here are four simple techniques which could help grow your customer base.

• Headlines that Work – when composing adverts you need to capture the attention of your audience immediately. The Professional Advertising website estimates headlines account for nearly 70% of an advertisement’s effectiveness. If for instance you are promoting an anti-acne cream you could use “Cure Acne with Spotaway!” as your headline. It is a good call to action with a benefit. However, “Cure Acne without Scars with Spotaway!” is better because it cancels a possible concern. “Cure Acne without Scars with Spotaway – while you sleep!” is even better as it makes it sound simple and people like simple. Bear in mind that your adverts should be truthful, however!

• Cross Promotions – these occur when you join with another company to promote both of your products or services together. It has the effect of reducing your advertising costs while reaching a wider audience than you might normally. Ideally the products and services should be complimentary. For example, the local vet might be planning to distribute leaflets promoting his practice. Talk to him and see if you can advertise your pet grooming service as well, allowing the vet to either halve his costs or double the number of leaflets produced.

• Utilise Humour – using humorous content, including puns and catch phrases, in your advertising is an excellent way of catching an audience’s attention. It will also stay with them. Television provides countless examples. “For mash get…” I think you see what I mean!

• Consider using Premiums – in an advertising sense premiums are promotional items bearing a company logo or catchphrase that are given away free. Common examples are T-shirts and mugs. However, key fobs and pens are cheaper and can do an equally good job. I once used pens to promote a product and service with some success. Over a year later I got a call out of the blue. When I asked where the person had got my number from he said it was on the pen he was using. He became a valued client.

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken