Christmas Ad Wording That Is Oh So Wrong!

by | Dec 15, 2016

Seasonal adverts and signs can be fantastic as a means of promotion for your business.

However, they are not so clever when things go wrong.

Here is a selection of seasonal adverts from a variety of sources to hopefully raise a chuckle:

“Stocking Stuffer”. So far so good. It is obviously a small present that can be slipped into a Xmas stocking. “Quality horse manure$2 dollars a tractor scoop”. Oh.
This one, for Black Powder gun supplies, is also American. “Even Santa shoots Black Powder. We have his perfect gift!” Did you guess?
“Fresh cut Christmas trees”. Perfect! What could possibly go wrong? “Arriving December 28th”. So, will they keep their needles for 362 days?
“Beat the Christmas Holiday rush. Order now!” Sounds sensible advice, but what are they selling? Funereal monuments and gravestones.
“Outdoor Nativity scene. No Mary, Joseph or Jesus”. It’s like The Beatles without John, Paul or George.

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