Video Killed the Radio Star – or Did It?

by | Apr 21, 2017

I find it is often that case that whenever any form of new media makes an initial big splash a death is announced – television will make movies obsolete, for example.  Hence the announcement by the pop group Buggles that music videos will mean the end of radio.

Far from it.  Existing media adapt, survive and thrive.

A similar thing is happening with print media such as newspapers, magazines and books.  The age of the computer is supposed to make all these things obsolete.  Print media is inflexible and expensive, we are told, and young people don’t read.

I’m here to announce that print media is very much alive and kicking.  Here are some reasons why:

1.    We trust print.  In this age of viral fake news on social media, printed news has the value of appearing more trustworthy.  Give me The Telegraph or The Guardian any day over some unattributed online source.  There is the added bonus of brand loyalty as well.

2.    Print is easily targetable.  Digital tends to be broad brush strokes, aiming for widespread exposure.  Print media can be much more targeted at specific audiences.

3.    Some people don’t like digital.  A fact that nobody seems too keen to publish is that there is a substantial proportion of people out there who simply don’t engage with new digital technology and social media.  If you are seeking a mature audience then print may well be the way to go.

4.    Print is a personal choice.  I choose to buy and read certain magazines.  I like to take my time reading the articles and will look at the associated advertising because I it resonates with me.

5.    Print is persistent.  Things online are of the moment and fast paced.  Print media requires a slower pace so the associated advertising has more time to sink in.

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken