How to Create a Welcoming Shop Window

by | May 5, 2021

So, you have taken the next step and opened up your very first shop. This is an incredibly exciting moment for your business and you’ll be anticipating the moment your very first customer walks through the door.

However, you don’t want your first customer to be the only customer you welcome on opening day!

That’s why the appearance of your shop window is incredibly important. The display will be the very first thing your potential customers see when they walk past, will yours be one that makes them stop and venture inside or will they not even notice you’re there?


  1. Do your Window Shopping

That’s right, have a look at all your competitors and nearby shops to see what they are doing. This is important for two reasons.

  1. To gain inspiration and see what is working and what is not.
  2. To understand what will help your shop stand out against the crowd.

Make a note of what stands out to you for the right and the wrong reasons. Are there common features that you notice?

Note these down before you start creating your own masterpiece.


  1. Decide on a Focal Point

This will be the dominant element of your window display. Depending on your products this could be a key item you think will be popular amongst shoppers (perhaps it’s something currently very on trend!), or its one of your best sellers. You can draw attention to this by placing the item in the centre of the display and using minimalist props around it.

Another option is to use a completely random prop as part of your shop window display. This can be something attention grabbing that is on brand but also something shoppers wouldn’t expect to see!


  1. Create Balance

Using symmetry will always create a an aesthetically pleasing window. Using symmetry helps draw in the viewers attention, create rhythm and follows the natural eye movement. You can use products with similar colours, textures and sizes to create this – they don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same.


  1. Utilise the Whole Space

Whether you want to go down the minimalist route or utilise depth and layers, it’s important to think about how you can use the whole space of your window.

While you can keep crucial products and props at eye-level be sure to add interest across in the surrounding areas, perhaps with banners or signs.

You can achieve the most effective use of the space by looking through the eyes of your customers. Stand outside and mark which areas your eyes are drawn to as you walk past.


  1. Use Retail Window Display Supplies

There are plenty of tools and props available to help your shop window display stand out. However, don’t overuse them! Make sure to avoid clutter.

Some of these supplies include:

  1. Plinths, cubes and crates – these can help create different levels to attract attention and are available in a variety of styles to suit your display.
  2. Fabrics – they can be used decoratively by draping them or used as backdrops. It is also a very cost-effective way of changing the whole look of your display.
  3. Posters and Signs – these can be a great way to display important information or key messages. Another effective element to use is LED lighting.
  4. Cable and Rod Displays – these can be used to display multiple images and are usually utilised by estate agents, hairdressers or beauticians. LED lighting can also be incorporated into these displays.
  5. Mannequins – ideal props for garment retail, mannequins help customers visualise how something will look. They can also be used in a variety of positions for example running for sportswear.
Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken