Introducing Quedgeley Link

by | Jan 17, 2022

The Quedgeley Link has arrived!

Here at The Link Directories, we’re super excited to announce the launch of our long anticipated Quedgeley Link Directory.  This new Directory is the perfect companion to our other well established local Directories – AbbeyLink, Hucclecote Link and Tuffley Link.  Our customers have been asking for this local accompaniment that’s specific to their area for quite a while now, and we’re delighted to say that we have now delivered their request!

The Quedgeley Link is a 16 page, full-colour directory that is filled with local information, services and businesses that may be suitable for the 17.500 residents that live in the area.

The Direcotry itself is published on a monthly basis and is distributed free to local residents on a bi-monthly basis.  Judging by the popularity of our other Directories, it’s sure to be a hit in Quedegley too!

The benefits of the Quedgeley Link Directory are two-fold

  • Local residents are kept informed and updated about current news and events specific to the area in which they live.  They don’t have to wade through unrelated information that is of no concern to them.  We give the local residents the information that they’re interested in!
  • Local businesses and service providers can reach out to their target customers directly through the Directory.  Their adverts reach exactly the right people at the right time, providing a fantastic return on investment of their marketing budget.

We publish and distribute 5500 copies of The Quedgeley Link to the local area.  As with our other directories, we tend to find that they’re shared between households and residents of the area, meaning that the reach of the directory is far greater than the amount we publish.

Our advertising rates for local businesses are extremely competitive too!  You can choose your position, size and placement in the directory, take advantage of discounts for multiple issues and use our other services to enhance your marketing message.  Take a look at our rate card and services here.

Here are some interesting facts about Quedgeley from over the years…

1.  Quedgeley first became a town in May 2017

After 2 years of deliberation and consultation, the Parish Council finally agreed unanimously to make Quedgeley a town.

2.  The town of Quedgeley includes Kingsway

It is estimated that the combined population of both of these areas is around 23,000.

3.  Asda is built on the site where RAF Quedgeley was based in WW1

In fact, there still remains an Air Cadet base in Quedgeley, which is still owned by the RAF.

4.  The women of Quedgeley were called Canaries

The nickname ‘canary’ referred to the women that worked at the ammunitions factory based in Quedgeley during WW1.  The phosphorous in the ammunitions tended to turn their skin yellow – hence the name ‘cararies’!

5.  The Nature Reserve and the fishing lake

The Nature Reserve at Curtis Hayward Drive is run by volunteers and the fishing lake, situated at Waterfalls Police headquarters was built to help young people that had gotten into a bit of trouble.

6.  The Memorial Garden

On the corner of St James and School Lane, you’ll find the long established memorial garden where residents can place plaques of remembrance of past or present residents of Quedgeley.

7.  The Allotment Chase

Quedeley is renowned for the number of allotments it has – in fact, it’s estimated that there are currently over 40 active plots and the waiting list for them increases every year!


Quedgeley is a lovely place to live and visit, for that matter!  We’re pleased to be part of the community with the launch of our new Quedgeley directory.  If you’ve got some interesting or topical information about Quedgeley and Kingsway, we’d be happy to hear it!  Just contact us via our website or give us a call on 01452 621 496 – we’d be happy to hear from you!