Making the Most of your Business Cards!

by | Mar 15, 2018

If you are just starting up in business you will be looking at getting a stationery pack together. In my view the most important item is a business card and here are the reasons why:

• Professional stationery makes you look like a professional business. It is what people expect of you.

• It is an opportunity to get some information across quickly and easily. The name of your business is a must, of course, together with a contact number.

If you have social media presence (eg a Facebook page) include that too.

• Don’t forget a card has two sides. You can put a simple message or details about the business on the reverse.

• Get those cards out to as many people as possible:

o Visiting friends or relatives? Tell them about your new business and leave them some cards.

o Make sure all your suppliers have cards and display them on notice boards if they have them.

o When you complete a job for a client, give them several cards and ask them to pass them onto friends and neighbours who might be able to use your services. Remember personal recommendation is the best possible source of advertising.

o Check with your gym, hairdresser, village hall, store, supermarket or newsagent to see if they have display or notice boards and get cards up on them.

Don’t let those business cards sit in their box for month after month – give them out!

If you would like to discuss having business cards made up for your business, or to take advantage of our fantastic Link Creative Stationery Package, give me a call on 01452 617040.

Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken