NME Becomes a Freebie!

by | Jul 22, 2015

When I was a teenager, every serious rock fan would study the New Musical Express (aka the NME) avidly from cover to cover each week.

It was at the cutting edge of music and youth culture generally and helped launch the careers of writers and broadcasters such as Julie Burchill, Tony Parsons and Danny Baker.

However, with a current cover price of £2.50, it currently sells just 15,000 copies weekly. So will it go the same sad way as its former rivals, Melody Maker and Sounds and quietly cease publication? Not at all!

It is due to be relaunched in September as a give-away publication and an increased print run of 300,000. It is intended to give free copies away at train and tube stations, shops and student unions across the country.

It is good to see that in this time of the digital revolution that at least one publisher recognises the value print publications still have and is prepared to put its money where its mouth is.

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken