Print Marketing Isn’t Dead!

by | Oct 15, 2020

With the BOOM of Digital Marketing it would be easy to assume that print marketing is a thing of the past and is no longer an effective way to speak to your customers. The answer to the question “Is print marketing dead” will be met in the industry with a resounding “No.”



The fact that we are surrounded by digital platforms, apps and devices are the very reason that holding something physical in our hands feels so much more personal. Not to mention that the digital world is getting increasingly more crowded with lots of company’s trying to tell you about all the wonderful things they do.

It can often feel that when you go online to browse for some information on which sofa to purchase that you’re then intruded upon with the vast amounts of pop up ads that appear in the days to follow.


Why should you consider print marketing?

As mentioned above an online advertisement can only be seen, but a printed advert can be seen and touched. Printed media give your potential customers something tangible and the quality of that advert can give a much more lasting impression.

It’s also estimated that print marketing receives a much higher response rate and conversions that digital. That is often because print marketing lands right into the hands of your target audience and requires them to interact with it. You can just scroll right past an ad on social media.

Print media is also worth considering if your target audience is unlikely to be online, or at least not regularly. Print allows you to reach these people by potentially landing right on their doorstep!


It’s all about the visual.

Similar to digital marketing the visual is hugely important in attracting and maintaining the attention of your potential customer. This is your chance to really stand out and make an impact, showcasing to your audience how you are better than the competition.


Doesn’t have to be costly.

You don’t have to invest in a full page spread in a top editorial magazine to see a high return on investment for print. Looking to your local magazine providers and business directories is always a good place to start and normally you’ll find there are affordable introductory rates for local business owners. Plus, you’re more likely to be advertising directly to those in your area and are covered by your service reach.

Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken