Seasonal Advertising

by | Jun 22, 2016

Fingers crossed – Summer is just around the corner. The schools break up next month, and we are all starting to think about our Summer holidays, hopefully spending more time outside in our gardens, holding BBQs and Summer picnics.

What does this mean as business owners? Is the Summer time a peak time for your business and are you rushed off your feet or are you fortunate enough to be able to take some time out over the Summer holidays to spend with your family, or can your business suffer due to other people taking time out and so not purchasing your products?

Seasonal hot points will vary dependant on your business, the simplest example being; sales for an ice cream retailer will be at their highest during the summer and low during the winter, yet sales for a warm drinks retailer will be at their highest during the winter and at their lowest in the summer.

I know for me, the Summer months can sometimes be a quiet period as many smaller companies may decide to not advertise during this period as they find it can be quiet for them too and so are taking some valuable holiday time and so they don’t have the time to take on new business. So I have to look at other ways of bringing in business for that month, and because of that I have to look at my advertising during this time. I would have to think about which businesses are more likely to want to advertise during the Summer months, and do a marketing campaign aimed towards these companies in the lead up to the Summer.

How often do you look at your advertising – do you change your advert according to the seasons?

Each year I tend to plan my advertising around the seasons, as well as my busy and quiet times, and change my adverts accordingly.

I look at who my target market is and who my ideal customer is for each month. I know that in the New Year it may be aimed more towards health and fitness companies, Spring time I can reach out to more gardeners or landscapers, Winter time more Chimney sweeps, Gas and Boiler fitters. Have a think about who you are trying to target each month and how your advert can attract their attention.
Then I see what promotions I can offer that may be more relevant to that time of year – January Sales, Valentines promotions, Christmas offers etc. Breaking it down even further, in order to keep an advert relevant it may be tied in with an event that is happening that month – Wimbledon for example, The World Cup, Mothers Day, Black Friday deals – the list is endless. Again take some time out this month and look to see how you can make your advert relevant this month.

Not all businesses will have sales that fluctuate with the seasons, a plumbers business for example may stay steady throughout the year. But it is still important that you keep in touch with your customers and try to stay at the front of their mind, so that when they do require you again, you are the first business they think of.

Remember when you place an advert package with us at The Link Directories, you can change your advert each month if you so choose to help you target your ideal customer for that month, so long as we have copy by the print deadline. If you ever feel you would like some help with your adverts and design, or even just a chat about how you might like to make your adverts more seasonal, we can always help with that too under our umbrella of Link Creative – just pick up the phone – we are here to help you.

Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken