The Unrivalled Power of a Good Logo

by | May 13, 2022

What impact could a good logo have on your brand? This is a universal question of business, but one that is often perplexing for many in the business world because they are not up to speed on the power that a good logo can have for their business and subsequent success. The logo itself is a pictorial representation of your brand and is the foundation upon which a trustworthy relationship can be built with a potential target audience. A good logo is one that is both functional and memorable, in the sense that it can effectively convey a brand’s message while building a strong brand association in the mind of the audience. Read on to find out about the power of a good logo!


As the visual representation of your brand, logos have the potential to reinforce and communicate a brand’s core principles and values, other known as the symbolic benefits. Logos therefore play a vital role in serving as a potential point of connection between a business and their customers.

Many logos, however, fall short and come across as unappealing to its target audience. Yet we know that logos can be capable of offering aesthetically appealing, fun, pleasurable imagery to potential customers, otherwise known as sensory benefits. For example, insurance company Aflac Inc.’s famous duck logo helps to create a warm, friendly feeling towards an industry that is generally perceived as being boring and cold. Logos that are fun or aesthetically appealing have a far more positive impact on customer relationships than ones that are not.

Visual vs text

Some businesses choose to have logos that only consist of a single brand name. This includes brands such as IBM and Samsung. Other logos will use a brand name in combination with symbolic visual imagery. Research has found that logos which use visual imagery and symbols are usually more effective than those which only consist of a single brand name, as a greater emotional connection is created with a potential audience.

This can hardly be seen as a surprising revelation, since symbolic imagery has always been considered more effective than the written word at communicating a brand message and identity. Imagery also effectively overcomes the challenge of language barriers and is easier to interpret globally compared to words. Logos that have separate visual symbolic imagery to them therefore represent an untapped commodity when it comes to reaching out to a new customer base and is something worth considering for any potential business.

Power of brand logos

Logos offer us an opportunity to tap into an untapped reservoir of communication and symbolism that can ultimately reinforce and strengthen the relationship between business and customer. If a customer feels they can identify with your brand based on the logo alone, or feel that it represents a memorable image that sticks in their mind, then they are going to be far more likely to connect with your brand. Logos are essentially the most vital visual synthesisers for a business that consumers will turn to daily. For this reason alone the logo holds fantastic power for a potential business. Business owners are largely encouraged to rethink their brand logos to keep them in line with a customer’s expectation and commitment to a brand.

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Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken