Why Advertising now can be a success

by | Jan 4, 2017

The festive season is over and it’s back to business.

January is a time of year where we all start to think about where we would like our business to go in the next 12months.

According to those who know these things, the beginning of the year is a great time to be selling. So January & February is a great month to think about advertising your business.

There are obvious businesses who you think may benefit from advertising at this time of year, those companies who are selling Gym memberships, fitness classes, weight loss programmes and detox diets, with their target market being those who have over indulged during the festive period!

However, January is also the month when people start to look ahead. It can mean the start of new beginnings …

Estate agents are aware of this and advertise their services to people who may be thinking of moving this year. But estate agents are not the only businesses who could profit from people who are thinking of moving. Anyone who is thinking of moving will want their house and garden looking at its best.

So if you are involved in garden care, decorating, cleaning, building, plumbing or generally improving homes, you should be advertising your business early in the year.
Many people will also want to start the New Year by giving their house and garden a well-needed facelift. It’s not only those who are thinking of moving.

If your advert is designed to put the idea of a fresh look to their home you will certainly reap the benefits of advertising early in the year. Especially if you can include a New Year offer or Sale to attract your customers, and remember to include a deadline, you don’t want people to try to take advantage of your offer in July!

So whatever business you are, now is a great month to start selling … You need to be preparing for your February advertising now.

Please remember, if you ever need any help with designing your advert, at Link Creative, we are always here to help and we can take the stress out of designing it all for you.

Get in touch and we can arrange everything for you.

We will make sure you and your business have a happy New Year and we will also help you to enjoy continued success throughout the year.

Sarah Gerken
Author: Sarah Gerken